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Reaching New Heights

All About Us

Ritex Real Estate was founded with a single mission: to build structures with enduring value and the potential to become timeless. Our team of creative professionals carefully evaluate each project in order to adhere to both financial and time constraints. Our goal, to proudly serve the needs of the community in the Greater Houston Area.


Our approach to business

Design - Develop - Finance - Construct - Inspect - Succeed

Placing people first

Ritex Real Estate places the highest importance on the quality of our human relationships. We deliver the right team in the right place to get the job done correctly.

On-time and in-budget

Setting priorities using time and money as key objectives is critical in delivering success. By having the right people on the job, delivering a project on-time and in-budget becomes a daily reality.

High quality construction

We take pride in delivering the highest standards of work. Our team is focused on delivering the best experience and product our customers and the community can be proud of for years to come.

Your success is our goal

It's always been clear to us that when you succeed, we succeed. This is a team effort and its our goal at Ritex Real Estate to establish a relationship with you that will flourish for year to come.

Our Values

Worker with White Helmet


It’s All in the Details

Go Team


Together we move forward

Building Plans


Efficient. Reliable. Experienced

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